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Rethink the stink & disclaim the shame! With your go-to toilet odor eliminator spray, no one will ever know what business you make in the bathroom again! Oopsie Poopsie eliminates odors so you can poop discreetly and poop confidently. Your poo doesn’t have to smell. It’s time to rule your stool!

Oopsie Poopisie Spray


2-6 spritzes should do the trick!

Oopsie Poopsie Slay


The awful poo stench dies as soon as poo hits the water. Go ahead and poop like nobody’s smelling!

Fragrance Oils by Oopsie Poopsie Pre Poo Spray


Now that that’s done, you can leave the bathroom confidently. No more walks of shame!

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Oopsie Poopsie is your go-to pre-poo toilet odor eliminator.


The Oopsie Poopsie Handbook

Make the most of the Anti-Awkward Scent.
Poop like nobody’s smelling.

Oopsie Poopsie Familie
Who can enjoy Oopsie Poopsie:
  • Shy Poopers
  • Students
  • Business People
  • Roommates
  • Mom & Dad
  • Anyone & everyone who poops!
What situations call for the Anti-Awkward Scent:
  • Honeymoon
  • Forgetting to use the spray pre-poo (Using it post-poo works just as well!)
  • Work trips! (Rooming with a coworker can be awkward)
  • Family gatherings
  • Crowded restrooms
When to give yourself bathroom anonymity:
  • When going #2 gives you bathroom anxiety
  • First day in the dorms (First impressions matter!)
  • On an airplane (Smell travels, too)
  • At a house party
  • At school or work (None of your peers will have a clue!)
Where to be nice and spray twice:
  • The doctor's office
  • The local café
  • The office
  • Grocery store
  • Anywhere with a working toilet!
How to Share Oopsie Poopsie:
  • Keep a supply in your shared bathroom
  • Make it a gift for any celebration!
  • Bring a bottle of Oopsie Poopsie on the family vacation
  • Offer it to friends, enemies, acquaintances, and everyone in between
  • Leave it in your restaurant's or shop's restroom


Shake well, spray 2-6 times directly into the toilet, unload your cargo, then flush and walk away feeling like a new person and leaving the bathroom smelling better than you found it.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children, avoid eye contact, do not ingest, use only in ventilated areas. Never tested on animals

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Fragrance Oils by Oopsie Poopsie Pre Poo Spray

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Fragrance Oils by Oopsie Poopsie Pre Poo Spray

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